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An Evening with David Jackson - Wed Mar 4th 7.45pm Sun Hotel, Sun Street, Hitchin £3 on the door, wine and canapes. The Author will talk about how he wrote and published his first novel and offer a preview to his forthcoming release The Fat Police. Bugz contact will be £10 for one night only.

Sept 08: Fri 5th - A huge turnout for the official launch at Waterstone's Hitchin, thanks to everyone involved making the event a success. Sat 6th David's Book Shop Letchworth hosted another signing, then an exhibition of original artworks in the evening at Delamere House meant over a hundred copies of Bugz:contact were sold in two days.

Book Signings 2009

Hitchin Library
Sat 6th June 12pm - 2pm

Waterstone's Bishop Stortford
Sat 16th May 12pm - 2pm

Waterstone's Marlowes Hemel Hempstead
Sat 9th May 12pm - 1pm

Waterstone's Unit B4
The Riverside
Hemel Hempstead
Sat 9th May 1pm - 2pm

Waterstone's Stevenage
Sat 2nd May 12pm - 2pm

Waterstone's Camberley
Sat 7th Feb 12pm - 2pm

Waterstone's Bracknell
Sat 31st Jan 12pm - 2pm

Waterstone's Epsom
Sat 24th Jan 2pm - 4pm

Waterstone's Chelmsford
Sat 17th Jan 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Waterstone's Slough
Fri 10th Jan 12pm - 2pm

Waterstone's Colchester
Sat 13th Dec 12pm - 4pm











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Bugz BookBugz:contact traces an adventure of universal proportions: where do we come from and are we the only intelligent life forms in this Universe?
As our planet succumbs to industrial over-development, climate change threatens food supplies and future survival, giving rise to eco-terrorism.
Spanning the ages, the great scientists - Archimedes, Galileo, Newton and Einstein have advanced our understanding of the inner world of particle physics. The assistants to these great men have been spreading knowledge - like stones thrown in a giant pool, spreading its ripples as 'contact' draws ever nearer.
The famous Icarus Ashcroft from Cambridge, has been working on the new twin particle collider built at CERN in Geneva, where the final secrets of our universe will come to light. Meanwhile, the Blipp Corporation has a grip on global communications with its IDO product; Bertholdt Lipp, its billionaire owner has much bigger plans. Elsewhere, the irresistible Russian physicist Svetlana toys with men of power until they are broken and discarded.
In another time and place an alien and yet familiar life-form has received a message suggesting 'Salvation' can be found at the far edges of their universe. Somehow their existence can be explained by embarking on a tortuous quest along a dangerous pearl road of ages long past.
The very soul of humankind is laid bare and asked the ultimate questions: Will it learn from the past and survive the future?

Higgs Boson discovered already discovered in BUGZ.

The elusive Higgs Field which was predicted by Professor Peter Higgs in 1964 is
a force that acts on other particles giving them a mass.The field also generates the so called Higgs Boson. It was heralded in the book that discovery of this particle would confirm the so called Standard model of physics.

The LHC recently coming on line in Switzerland was designed to detect the Higgs Boson and also create conditions not seen since the big bang.
The book Bugz postulates that other layers of particles as yet undetected exist and these exist in another reality. This layering of space and time allows the speed of light to be exceeded because the rules of our universe pertain to partcles that exist naturally in our universe. It does not pertain to other universes. So when our universe came into existence (The so called Big Bang) the giant mixing bowl of ingredients and temperatures led to the particular pizza we see around us. The globs of galaxies are a function of energy and mass. But for this universe to be created a much higher level of energy must have existed somewhere. Put simply how in reason could everything we observe out in the known universe have come from one point unless it unzipped from something extraordinarily different to our own perception of life on earth.

In affect we are very much in the slow lane on earth. In Bugz though it is possible to go faster then the speed of light because similar but different high energy rules exist. Its difficult to go into a higher energy universe from a lower energy universe but easier for higher energy particles to enter our universe either by mistake or en-route To other locations in their universe.
This is in affect how are universe was created in BUGZ. Put bluntly we are led to believe it was maybe a by product of something that happened in another floor of another universe.

Our Bugz are looking for answers because interestingly there universe is linked to ours in some way not entirely revealed in the book. So our colossal investment in creating high energy collisions at LHC moves us nearer to a window on another existence. So in HG wells 'War of the Worlds' we are encouraged to view our distant neighbour for Alien existence which transpires to be a malevolent martian civilization eager to colonise our world.

In Bugz we are encouraged to view an entirely Alien world (and its not easy conceptually..sorry). This Alien world is the murmuring only of the Higgs field.
No more then a distant far away murmur of a giant engine of existence which drives another universe. It's not parallel but it is cylindrical and curved.
A world which we are connected to. So our young adventurours in BUGZ are the great explorers like Galileo. Only they are the high energy physicists using elementary machines like he LHC at Cern. This is First Contact.

This is why CERN is so important to humanity. It offers to show us not just HOW but WHY we exist in this universe of ours.


Svetlana, a Russian scientist, whose exquisite looks and vamp style ensnare the opposite sex easily, enabling her to manipulate situations, invariably resulting in Svetlana getting her own way. She inherited a fortune from an unknown benefactor thus thrusting her into the elite millionaire club.
She strives for credibility in the science community but her stunning looks generally detract attention away from her fantastic physics brain, which frustrates her considerably. Her 'socializing' technique has allowed her to build up a network of contacts in very influential circles; this is helped through her claim that she is a descendent of the infamous Rasputin. The Director General of CERN is part of her intimate circle of friends and he has gifted her a plumb job on an obscure particle physics experiment in return for services rendered.


Bertholdt Lipp is known throughout the world as Blipp due to his famous brand of telecommunications equipment that he developed in the late 2020's. A host of landmark patents meant that, in 2042, the Blipp Corporation had its interests in fuel alternatives, food and, of course, CERN and the super G. Blipp is a giant of a man reaching almost 2m in height, his gentle manner belies a heritage that goes back hundreds of years - one of his ancestors reputedly was fencing champion at Heidelberg. Although sometimes referred to as detached, his pleasant manner is generally forgotten due to his intense work focus. The grinning exaggerated vision of Blipp that is pedalled to the media is a far cry from the real man. Famously difficult to get interviews with, Blipp’s admiration for Stein, opens a doorway for the journalist to be privileged enough to have an audience with him.


Adopted as a child, Jonathan Stein spends his spare time trying to trace the roots of his blood family. He travels to Switzerland frequently after learning of a young girl putting a child up for adoption in 1903. He has followed the trail from Eastern Europe to the States before finally coming to his birth in 2009.
After not making the grade as a world-class physicist, despite his huge potential, he set his sights on spreading the word of cutting edge science through his student news cast. Convinced that the world in 2042 is hurtling towards its bitter end, he sets about communicating his solution to the problem through his editorial. His success as a journalist has caught the eye of the telecommunications tycoon, Bertohldt Lipp thus gaining him access to an exclusive interview with the mogul.
He was lucky to be one of four, out of hundreds, to survive a C980 crash a mile from Newark Airport, but his new fear of flying puts a strain on his constant travelling. Stein has a healthy disrespect for authority and in particular the Fat Police who increasingly ration foodstuffs in his US homeland to stop food companies gaining more control than the government.


Full name Electra Ashcroft, affectionately known as Elsie, is the youngest of the three Ashcroft children. In the year 2042 she has just completed her first year at Cambridge University studying ancient history and, when not attending a stream of parties, shares her mother's interest in languages and cryptology. Elsie spends her spare time helping her mother look after her brother, Lycian, whose M.S was diagnosed five years previously.In the year 2116 a letter is found written by an aged Elsie recalling the events of the Bugz contact in 2042.


Beautiful, elegant and understated best describe the head of PR at CERN and gatekeeper to the DG. After a childhood lavished with wealth, Gayle is very much at home riding and playing tennis or off piste skiing on the summit of the Swiss Alps, where the only remaining snow in Europe resides. Most are deceived by this stunning brunette's appearance and demeanour and are surprised by her academic prowess and sharp intellect. Multi-lingual and known for her quick wit, even the most astute negotiator can recognise they are in for a battle when they cross swords with Gayle. People say the quiet ones are the most dangerous and it is certainly true in this instance.


Descended from a long line of Ashcrofts, one of which, Icarus William Ashcroft Senior, was Isaac Newton's assistant on various scientific experiments.
Devoted to the family but ever consumed by the thought of bringing some credit to the Ashcroft name having inherited an ancient chest from his uncle, he has spent much of his life trying to research the contents and understand the Equations buried within.
He gained the prestigious post Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the age of 31, taking the chair once occupied by Newton and Hawking. From this position, whilst retaining his teaching commitments, he was employed by CERN as senior assistant to CERN's Chief Scientific Officer in 2026 and seven years later was promoted to his superior's position. His rapid rise to Chief scientific officer at CERN was deemed exceptional, and quickly began work for the Director General on the revolutionary twin beam collider.
Husband to Brooke, father to Sam, Lycian and Elsie.


Artwork by Malcolm Fryer
The artist Malcolm Fryer, a close friend of David Jackson, created the individual artworks especially for Bugz:contact. Knowing David well and being in possession of an extraordinary open mind and free spirit, allowed Malcolm to successfully draw out the atmospheric world the author created, employing charcoal and pastel to construct the eerie world of 2042. From Malcolm's fabrications of 'Zyberia' to the visions of Cambridge's 'Bridge of Sighs' there is an unmistakable mix of old and new, a yin and yang evident in the illustrations that reflect the undertones of the Bugz story. See more of Malcolm's work at www.art-amis.co.uk

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'Thanks for writing Bugz - a really interesting and intelligent book, made all the better by its high production values and outstanding artwork. Book Zero deserves to be a runaway hit.' Jeremy (Reader)

'BUGZ:contact' is simply genre defying... it combines sci-fi with sci-fact & mixes intelligent writing with artistic illustration. It is rare to find a writer who is willing to challenge what is possible on the printed page... I thank my 'nano-God' that David Jackson took that challenge! Many books come and go but BUGZ is destined for cult status... I need the sequel ASAP!!!! Steven (Waterstone's Leicester)

'I've just this instant finished reading Bugz.
I don't think there are enough adjectives available in the Human language to convey my utter astonishment at your great and wonderful work. I am deeply touched by the wonder and sheer scale of this amazing and affecting acomplishment. The last time I felt like this was on completion of the Dan Simmons Hyperion quartet at the beginning of thiz century.
Thank you for finding this stunning story in the ether and then enhanzing the lives of us mere equationz by delivering it to us with such aplomb and dynamizm.
You do realize that you have created an instant cult success?
And I do wish you every success.
I salute you sir.
And await the sequel with the hugest of anticipation.

Paul, a reader from near Harpenden.

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The Fat Police - Breathe in... They're coming!

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David Jackson

David Jackson

Born in Ilkley, and having a keen interest in history, he shows how the threads that have weaved the past can influence the future. A great fan of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and the Science Fiction of Asimov, he wanted this book to be an action packed story on the widest canvas possible-our universe. Special thanks to Monica French for contributing fourteen months of endeavour and to Malcolm Fryer for his glorious illustrations.

Contact David: david@thebugz.com

Radio Interviews

BBC Three Counties: Lorna Milton
22nd Aug  3.45 - 4.15pm


Verulam Community Radio: Phil Richards
11th Sept 4.00pm

Verulam Community Radio: Phil Richards
13th Sept 9.30 am


Bugz:contact is available to order online at Amazon and at all Waterstone's branches nationwide